September 28, 2011
No Cans for Dogfish Head!

With craft breweries beginning to make their beers available in cans, I can’t begin to express how grateful I am that Dogfish Head is sticking to bottling their beer. In my opinion, I do not like this movement of craft beers being canned. For some reason, canned beers lose their appeal to me; most likely due to the fact that I associate canned beer with macro-breweries and their lower quality beverages. The only positive things that I can see coming from converting to cans would be the convenience in carrying my beer around, or crushing my can when I was done drinking from it to show how bad ass I am. But, let’s be honest. If I was concerned about not having those specific aspects in my life, I would seriously need to re-evaluate my outlook on life.

Bottles rule, cans drool. Actually scratch that…draft beer reigns supreme!

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